Tuesday, January 24, 2012

that back handed compliment

hi guys!

hope we all have been hanging in there. work has started in earnest and to be honest am not exactly thrilled. anyway my pet peeve today is the cattiness or bitchiness we women display to each other.
there is no women out there that cannot say that she has not been at the receiving end of another woman's annoying trade of trying to put each other down. its really funny that men think most of the time women dress up to impress them( yeah we like to look good so we can be admired by the opposite sex) but believe me its mostly to hear our fellow women say you look hot, its like a seal of approval from our sorority. I have had my share of the snide remarks thrown out especially by female colleagues and frenebits. it could be a back handed compliment like' i love your new shoes, you gave the other pair a vacation' or ' don't you think this outfit is to dressy for the office'. first, its better to be over dressed than other dressed and secondly since your one kobo has not been added to the purchase of this outfit, why don't you mind your business( i say all these in my mind) while pasting a smile on my face.

women are usually the nastiest to each other and  the standards we expect from each other are always too damn high. from how you carry yourself, to the way you speak and the length of your brazillian hair. its just plain ridiculous if you ask me.

till next time folks. be good.



Wednesday, January 18, 2012

happy new year subsideens and subsidats!

hi guys! its the new year and am sure we all, are bursting with new year resolutions that wont last till February. anyway its been an interesting new year for me and Nigeria. this just goes to show that 2012 is bound to be a very 'interesting year' for us all.

where should i begin? is it the wonderful new year gift that our esteemed president bestowed on Nigerians aided by twiddle dee and twiddle dum or the fact that   Nigeria was on the verge of being another Egypt( a girl can hope,cant she)? or on a personal level the fact that i have never been this broke and once again the guys in my life made me realise that new year or no year,once a twat always a twat!

the only redeeming quality of this new year so far was the fact that i got the chance to sleep and wake up whenever i wanted for one week and that i also had the opportunity to feel like a freedom fighter by protesting, it was so much fun. i rubbed shoulders with area boys that would have sent me screaming in the opposite direction on another day. in this regard at ojota we were all united in one thing. the anger that we all felt towards our leaders.

anyway the momentum was cut shut by the government forcing N97  down our throats with the use of soldiers and the NLC suspending the strike. i was waiting with bated breath and hoping against hope that some miracle would happen and for once the Nigerian people would get their way (N65 or nothing).Anyway we all are in this boat together and there is an uneasy calm that permeates the land.

God bless Nigeria!

Monday, January 2, 2012

happy new year

Hi guys!
Am sure the holidays have been fantastic! Mine has been wonderful. I never knew that I could be
Such a party animal. I can confidently say that I had a great time over the xmas holidays with friends and family. I went to the beach
,Concerts and comedy shows.
However we live in a country where reality sets in pretty fast. We got a wonderful new year present from our utterly clueless president with
The removal of the fuel subsidy. Isn't that great? We get to purchase our natural resource at the reasonable price of N141.
I try to be as objective as possible in my arguments but experience has shown me that even though goverment promises to do something(they have promised to use funds to devlop the country)
I find it very hard to believe. They have NEVER kept their promises. As optimistic as I am for the new year
I am very afraid because I fear that two things may happen. Nigerians will bark and not bite as usual or bite the soul of this country clear of and plunge us into darkness.
I am afraid of what will happen if they bite and the hardship we are bound to face if they don't. Why is this country always
Regressing I wonder. I can only pray for God to help us but at the same time I think the fact that we are more religious than godly that has put us in this mess. I am sure many churches will key into this opportunity to organise church programs that will be themed 'fuel subsidy or not I will succeed. Muslim leaders will say its Gods will and say we should accept our fate and Gods will. I say enough is enough.