Wednesday, January 18, 2012

happy new year subsideens and subsidats!

hi guys! its the new year and am sure we all, are bursting with new year resolutions that wont last till February. anyway its been an interesting new year for me and Nigeria. this just goes to show that 2012 is bound to be a very 'interesting year' for us all.

where should i begin? is it the wonderful new year gift that our esteemed president bestowed on Nigerians aided by twiddle dee and twiddle dum or the fact that   Nigeria was on the verge of being another Egypt( a girl can hope,cant she)? or on a personal level the fact that i have never been this broke and once again the guys in my life made me realise that new year or no year,once a twat always a twat!

the only redeeming quality of this new year so far was the fact that i got the chance to sleep and wake up whenever i wanted for one week and that i also had the opportunity to feel like a freedom fighter by protesting, it was so much fun. i rubbed shoulders with area boys that would have sent me screaming in the opposite direction on another day. in this regard at ojota we were all united in one thing. the anger that we all felt towards our leaders.

anyway the momentum was cut shut by the government forcing N97  down our throats with the use of soldiers and the NLC suspending the strike. i was waiting with bated breath and hoping against hope that some miracle would happen and for once the Nigerian people would get their way (N65 or nothing).Anyway we all are in this boat together and there is an uneasy calm that permeates the land.

God bless Nigeria!

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