Tuesday, January 24, 2012

that back handed compliment

hi guys!

hope we all have been hanging in there. work has started in earnest and to be honest am not exactly thrilled. anyway my pet peeve today is the cattiness or bitchiness we women display to each other.
there is no women out there that cannot say that she has not been at the receiving end of another woman's annoying trade of trying to put each other down. its really funny that men think most of the time women dress up to impress them( yeah we like to look good so we can be admired by the opposite sex) but believe me its mostly to hear our fellow women say you look hot, its like a seal of approval from our sorority. I have had my share of the snide remarks thrown out especially by female colleagues and frenebits. it could be a back handed compliment like' i love your new shoes, you gave the other pair a vacation' or ' don't you think this outfit is to dressy for the office'. first, its better to be over dressed than other dressed and secondly since your one kobo has not been added to the purchase of this outfit, why don't you mind your business( i say all these in my mind) while pasting a smile on my face.

women are usually the nastiest to each other and  the standards we expect from each other are always too damn high. from how you carry yourself, to the way you speak and the length of your brazillian hair. its just plain ridiculous if you ask me.

till next time folks. be good.



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