Thursday, February 2, 2012


hi guys,

happy new month! the new year is moving along and i must say it has already been an eventful one at that. as usual my life is always anything but boring. in the space of one month to be precise not only have i met a guy but that same guy has cheerfully broken my heart ( what else is new). the work load has also been mad crazy,its like we are making up for the one week we were at home for that legendary strike. speaking of strikes, ASUU has finally called their's of, am so happy for all the students but at the same time i feel for the lecturers. they do so much for us and get rewarded so little.

anyway its February and we all know what February  is about ( rolling my eyes) its that month that guys start keeping their distance and girls start giving you the green light in the hopes of getting a valentine's gift. Maybe because i have been down and out when it comes to romance but i await Valentine's day with disdain.

Anyway lets see how it goes.

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