Thursday, March 31, 2016

Water under the Bridge

Hi Guys,


Almost a year since i updated my blog. The last time i was here, was when i was planning my wedding and thankfully that has been done and dusted.

So i am now married, AKA i am now called Mrs Alaka.  Another new development, i changed jobs. A lot can happen in less than a year right? So i have a new last name and i am slaving away at another desk and company.

My former colleagues were more than happy for me when i told them i was leaving. For me it was a bitter sweet feeling because i have this believe that jobs really at the end of the day are the same. I call it 'the same shit,different toilet' syndrome. Basically you are going to go through the same crap you went through at a different company ( Pressure, targets and all that..) the upside is, you might be making more money than before and probably be in a higher position. So that should reduce the sting a bit.

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Marriage is a whole new kettle of fish. Women are always such in a rush to get that ring and are so fooled by the romance and the glamour of social media and wedding sites that you forget it goes beyond that day. When the food has been eaten, the liquor guzzled and the guests and family members have gone home. It will be just you and that man and depending on how the planning of the wedding went and all the drama that ensued from it, will dictate the tone of the journey that has begun. Nobody wants to start a marriage filled with resentment, alas that happens many times.

Also, that man that was willing to eat '' Indomie and Egg' three nights in a row has officially died. Sweet heart, shit just got REAL! This is now your '' Husband'' and no longer '' Boyfriend' and many men think this is a license to officially boss you around and show you who is the '' Baale ile'' i.e Head of the home.

However, marriage can be sweet. I love the fact that i have a man in my life that i can confide in. It's his duty to take care of me now and my responsibility to make our house a home. I am more than happy to leave the leadership role to him, believe me. My feminist views no reach that side. Uneasy lies the head that wears the crown. I am the neck and that is also a very important role in the home.

Did i also mention that i have a willing partner to ''DO'' and Undo when i feel like it and there is no Guilt involved? That should wear out though in a couple of years and when the kids arrive.

All in all, its been a great ride so far.

Till next time.

Live,love and Laugh