Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Am Back

Hi Guys,

This is my first post in almost a year and am i glad to be back. I really did not want to stop writing but when life happens, there is really so much you can do about it. I must say that since the last time i posted anything, things have been quite eventful and i am sooooo grateful to God. My life has been moving forward at a steady,slow but purposeful pace. Everything that has happened, happened at the right time, when God willed it to be so. There have been challenges, but God never gives you what you cannot handle.

The ironic thing is that a lot of people asked me why i stopped writing and trust me there was no particular reason than the fact, that i have been more busy and at the same time with more focus on where i am going  in life. What spurred this post, you might ask? A client of mine, Nic Van der Bergh,mentioned that he visited my blog and that i should start writing again. That's it! Nothing special, i just happened to be a bit less busy and i decided to go for it. I love writing, it's my thing, my therapy, my shrink, i can express myself with words and i love to share. I am a people's person, a communicator at heart and i have decided that NO MATTER, how crazy my life is and is going to be in 2015 ( i have made this promise before, i know) i will really make an effort to write more. Not because i can make money from it ( Bloggers are making money darn!) but because i just love to write and where else than my online diary/blog.

So what's been new in my life?

  • I am half way through with my master's degree. Its been a challenge and interesting at the same time. Not only, have i pushed myself but i realize that i can actually, gasp! tackle calculations. Not your good old arithmetic, but full blown nightmare inspiring maths. I came across stuff like correlation, regression,weighted average and many of their terrible cousins. Not only did i come across them, i actually mastered some of them like my boo ' Exponential Smoothing'. Am i now a mathematician? Can horses fly? However, after sleepless nights, numerous pimples and shedding of tears, i wrote the exams. I don't expect an A but can they just let me pass and get my degree? 
  • Am engaged!!! Let me say it again.... I oluwatobi Kafayat Rasaq is engaged to my boo, lover and best friend I can now call him my Fiance, not boo. His name is Mobolaji Alaka and am proud to mention his name finally! So many boo's have passed under the bridge. No more tales of dates from hell. We are not married yet, but by God grace, its happening. The proposal was sweet and romantic and was an Xmas proposal ( i suspected small sha) but was still pleasantly surprised because he managed to get my friends to witness the whole thing.My Family members knew waaaaaay before me, and he actually asked for my mum's permission.  So we are getting married this year, Insha Allah, we just need to pick a date, after the 'momi mo e' i.e Introduction of the families, which should come next month,God willing. 
So many other things, have happened but those are the two i think that are worth boring you with. This month  is also quite an interesting month for Nigeria. It's both Valentine and Election all rolled into one. Now that i think of it, i actually miss expressing myself on this platform about the election and what i think about the parties and candidates. Just a tip though.... I still am a little mixed about who to vote for but i know who i am NOT going to Vote for....President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan. I did not vote for him the first time and am not going to start now. I am just done with the administration and i just want them to leave..Go bye bye. Enough is enough. 

Then these demons called ISIS? They are just vicious,rabid dogs and give my religion a bad name and i pray that every sane Muslim out there, stands up and renounces their ideology. Their latest atrocity leaves me astounded. I have never been able to bring myself to watch any of their videos. They are Barbaric and Ungodly and do not, i repeat, stand for what Islam is about. Everybody needs to stand up and put a stop to this. This includes, Boko Haram in Nigeria as well. The chibok girls are still no where to be found and i shudder to think about the fate of those young women and if they can ever be normal again, at least the ones that survive.  

*Taking a deep breath* I guess this is a good start as any to my writing. Ill keep the posts coming and i am actually excited about writing again. Here are some pics of moi, i think i have put on a little weight...


Have a great one Guys! 

Live,Love and Laugh always.

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