Monday, July 14, 2014

Manic Magic Monday

Hi Guys,

How have you all been? Its been quite a while. Told ya my life was going to become even crazier and there is nothing i can do about it. You all are just going to bear with me. So what has been happening so far:

  • Classes have started officially and my life is officially over. 
  • The world cup came and went and Germany are the new world champions. 
  • Ramadan is here again and today is the 17th day and its more than half way through. 
No drama yet..... or rather drama so minor that i do not think i should dignify with a mention or bother you with. I and le boo are still going strong ( Its 1 year already) most of the relationships ( not like i have had many) i have had since 2010 never last beyond 3 months but we have stuck at it.  

I just wanted to drop a line with you guys and hopefully ill have some hot gist soon. Here are some pix of me so far since the last time i was here: 


Till next time Lovelies. 

Live love and Laugh

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