Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Retail therapy will

hi guys!

hope our week is going fabulously well? Mine got of to a very good start and i thoroughly enjoyed myself yesterday and this weekend promises to be even better because i have enough plans lined up(wink!).

To the topic of the day,shopping! i love looooooove shopping. nothing makes a woman happier than something new. it could be a pair of shoes, a blouse,earring or even a new kitchen utensil trust me i get a smile so wide,you will think i have won the lottery. people shop in different degrees. sometimes we buy something new everyday,sometimes every month it depends on your pocket. when i was in school i was labelled Elizabeth scrooge. whenever they brought stuff over for sale i was never called because i would never buy,it was that bad.

now i have been bitten. i Love to shop. i love clothes,bags,shoes,make up and anything that makes us look good( i draw the line at Brazilian hair, don't see the need....yet) it made me feel like am such a late bloomer, late in discovering boys and now the mystery of womanhood.

so in other for me to catch up with my fellow shopaholics i need to start buying like mad and pray to God that my pocket survives.

come to think of it, i have events lined up and i need outfits for all of them.

gotta go guys....

Thursday, September 15, 2011

A Frenebit is in!

hi guys!

i just discovered a new word FRENEBITS actually its a shortened version of friends with benefits. Now this is a very sensitive subject in this part of the world. To sound like a properly brought up girl- how can you have sex with a male friend, with no strings attached, its like your a prostitute or something! Now to sound like a sophisticated twenty something in the 21st century- best freaking idea ever!

Anyway you look at it,its a subject that brings out different reactions. I am not a girl to judge, everyone is allowed to share their bodies and lives the way they want. Like seriously if you have a male friend that is willing to come running and shag you whenever you want( and you both can handle it) more power to you. But if you are a girl that attaches emotions to every sexual encounter you have-stay far far away.

Lets face it, i am a female. WE ARE MORE EMOTIONAL THAN MEN! Lets deal with it. first of,if his your friend there are already emotions involved and you obviously like him. Who has heard of being friends with someone you hate( that's an emotion to) but that's beside the point; friendship and sex is just a recipe for disaster. Now, most guys are not as emotionally advanced as women and see sex as a purely physical function,like going to the bathroom. THEY do not mix sex with emotion.

Am not saying that there are no amazons out there that will outplay any guy and not break a sweat,am sure there are but they are very few. So if you are in or thinking on going into a frenebit situation, please do so with your heart firmly locked in a vault because trust me in Nigeria the chance of you having a happy ending like the film ' Friends with benefits' is very veeeeeeery slim. So if you can handle it,girlfriend knock yourself out and have a drink on me.

However a lasting relationship that will lead to marriage always has its foundation based on friendship and not sex.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

baby's and money make the world go round

hi guys,

am really the worst blogger on earth but when you have a thousand things to do and 24 hours are not sure you get the picture. however ill have to improve if not, whats the use of being a blogger, i need a good kick in the pants.

well i have two things to rant about today, gold diggers and whizkid's baby daddy drama. now am sick and tired of people out there saying that women are the only gold diggers out there, are u kidding me? now the profession of gold diggerism is very gender friendly,no glass ceiling there,i assure you. in fact i have met guys that are so shameless, that the first question they ask is what you do for a living. now if your profession doesn't sound like a veritable cash spinner,you are kicked to the curb faster that you can say mushin!now i have never had anything against my female sisters that are gold diggers, at least they are loud and proud about it. from their Brazilian weaves to their jimmy choos, u sef must have confidence in your bank balance before you approach them.however our male colleagues hide under the facade that they do not want liabilities,excuse me? seriously i have been dumped because my family was not Folawiyo or Adenuga and i happened to live on the mainland.

now to whizkid, i admire your wanting to start a family early and it shows that his a very virile young man but couldn't you have waited a bit more? like i know your role model is tuface but am sure the road must have been rough for him to. anyway i only have love for Whizkid and i love your songs( i dance to them all the time) and i hope your music career is on the up and up but please get married before you donate another kid and if you no fit hold body,use protection!