Thursday, September 8, 2011

baby's and money make the world go round

hi guys,

am really the worst blogger on earth but when you have a thousand things to do and 24 hours are not sure you get the picture. however ill have to improve if not, whats the use of being a blogger, i need a good kick in the pants.

well i have two things to rant about today, gold diggers and whizkid's baby daddy drama. now am sick and tired of people out there saying that women are the only gold diggers out there, are u kidding me? now the profession of gold diggerism is very gender friendly,no glass ceiling there,i assure you. in fact i have met guys that are so shameless, that the first question they ask is what you do for a living. now if your profession doesn't sound like a veritable cash spinner,you are kicked to the curb faster that you can say mushin!now i have never had anything against my female sisters that are gold diggers, at least they are loud and proud about it. from their Brazilian weaves to their jimmy choos, u sef must have confidence in your bank balance before you approach them.however our male colleagues hide under the facade that they do not want liabilities,excuse me? seriously i have been dumped because my family was not Folawiyo or Adenuga and i happened to live on the mainland.

now to whizkid, i admire your wanting to start a family early and it shows that his a very virile young man but couldn't you have waited a bit more? like i know your role model is tuface but am sure the road must have been rough for him to. anyway i only have love for Whizkid and i love your songs( i dance to them all the time) and i hope your music career is on the up and up but please get married before you donate another kid and if you no fit hold body,use protection!

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