Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Retail therapy will

hi guys!

hope our week is going fabulously well? Mine got of to a very good start and i thoroughly enjoyed myself yesterday and this weekend promises to be even better because i have enough plans lined up(wink!).

To the topic of the day,shopping! i love looooooove shopping. nothing makes a woman happier than something new. it could be a pair of shoes, a blouse,earring or even a new kitchen utensil trust me i get a smile so wide,you will think i have won the lottery. people shop in different degrees. sometimes we buy something new everyday,sometimes every month it depends on your pocket. when i was in school i was labelled Elizabeth scrooge. whenever they brought stuff over for sale i was never called because i would never buy,it was that bad.

now i have been bitten. i Love to shop. i love clothes,bags,shoes,make up and anything that makes us look good( i draw the line at Brazilian hair, don't see the need....yet) it made me feel like am such a late bloomer, late in discovering boys and now the mystery of womanhood.

so in other for me to catch up with my fellow shopaholics i need to start buying like mad and pray to God that my pocket survives.

come to think of it, i have events lined up and i need outfits for all of them.

gotta go guys....

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