Thursday, September 15, 2011

A Frenebit is in!

hi guys!

i just discovered a new word FRENEBITS actually its a shortened version of friends with benefits. Now this is a very sensitive subject in this part of the world. To sound like a properly brought up girl- how can you have sex with a male friend, with no strings attached, its like your a prostitute or something! Now to sound like a sophisticated twenty something in the 21st century- best freaking idea ever!

Anyway you look at it,its a subject that brings out different reactions. I am not a girl to judge, everyone is allowed to share their bodies and lives the way they want. Like seriously if you have a male friend that is willing to come running and shag you whenever you want( and you both can handle it) more power to you. But if you are a girl that attaches emotions to every sexual encounter you have-stay far far away.

Lets face it, i am a female. WE ARE MORE EMOTIONAL THAN MEN! Lets deal with it. first of,if his your friend there are already emotions involved and you obviously like him. Who has heard of being friends with someone you hate( that's an emotion to) but that's beside the point; friendship and sex is just a recipe for disaster. Now, most guys are not as emotionally advanced as women and see sex as a purely physical function,like going to the bathroom. THEY do not mix sex with emotion.

Am not saying that there are no amazons out there that will outplay any guy and not break a sweat,am sure there are but they are very few. So if you are in or thinking on going into a frenebit situation, please do so with your heart firmly locked in a vault because trust me in Nigeria the chance of you having a happy ending like the film ' Friends with benefits' is very veeeeeeery slim. So if you can handle it,girlfriend knock yourself out and have a drink on me.

However a lasting relationship that will lead to marriage always has its foundation based on friendship and not sex.

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