Thursday, November 8, 2012

All that wahala

Hi Guys!

Happy new month. Am so grateful to be alive and am so happy. How have you been? i have not been a very good blogger but life has a way of throwing stuff at you that does not give you time to do what you love. We just live from day to day. Infact in Nigeria we do not live, we exist.

I have so many things i would love to talk about and share because it has come to my attention that our government is determined to reduce our life span. Life can be so hard but i am determined to be
happy and be grateful for what i DO have. 

The boo has been going through his own share of challenges. Work pressure has been so much that am afraid he will break down. His work schedule affects me too, because we do not get to spend as much time together as i would want. Another thing about him is that he tends to become distant and withdrawn when he goes through stuff. As much as i want to understand and be supportive, its like his pushing me away and i do not know how to handle the situation. I guess its a guy thing, so ill just let him be.

Then,Nigeria comes with its own travails. Motor cycles popularly known as 'Okada's' have been banned by the Lagos state Government. I am trying so hard to be objective but as a young lady that does not have a car,bikes have been an important mode of transportation for me,especially when am late for work. i know they constitute a nuisance but what are we going to do? Many of these riders were former hoodlums and if you take away their bikes its only logical that they will go back to their criminal ways and its not like the police are up to the task in curbing crime. They are better at just shooting innocent civilians.

Then almost two weeks ago, there was a fire outbreak at Lagos island at one of the shopping plazas and the Lagos state goverment cordoned of parts of Balogun Market which includes where my mum has her shop. A lot of people live by the day on what they make, so if you close down their shops what do you want them to eat?

On a happy and Jovial note though, my mum is back from her holy pilgrimage to Mecca and she is now officially an 'Alhaja' am so happy for her. Its a dream come through. I am so happy that she did not bow to pressure and get a Gold tooth. It would have been so embarrassing for me and her.

Till next time folks.


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