Friday, November 23, 2012


Hi Guys!

Its another Friday and i am ecstatic.  I woke up feeling grouchy as hell. We had no electricity all night and the generator decided not to work. Combined with the humid weather, it was not a very pleasant night rest.

Anyway, things began to look up when i got to the office and several people commented on my appearance,saying i looked nice. That was a pleasant surprise because i just threw on something. Anyway the compliments made me feel better.

So what are the plans for the weekend. I really do not have any. Things just happen. I do have a family function on sunday, a burial ceremony on my mums side and i have to make a command appearance.  Maybe i and the boo will see on saturday, if he can manage it. If not am sure ill find ways to amuse myself.

Till laterfolks.


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