Monday, November 19, 2012

Alcoholism on the rise

Hi Guys,

Its another wonderful week ahead and i hope we all are pumped and rearing to go to make that money? Your's truly is chained to her desk and doing what she knows how to do best.

How was the weekend? Mine was pretty eventful. A friend of a friend got married and i got invited to the wedding ( do not let me pretend, i sha crashed). However the wedding was strictly by invitation, and my friend scored me an IV, so i can pretend and say i was invited. The wedding reception was on point:

  • Decoration: A
  • Music: A 
  • Food: A
  • Music: A 
  • Alcohol: AA 
Which brings me to the the topic of my discussion today, booze. As a young woman who has an active social life, i have been exposed to all sorts of vices when out with friends; smoking,drinking and one night stands( not by yours truly,but am not a saint). However, i am getting a bit alarmed at the rate young men and women indulge themselves in drinking. Its becoming too much and should become a concern. They drink HARD LIQUOR like its soft drinks or water. I have friends that drink so much, that i cringe when i imagine what their livers must look like. Can we blame them when its an ongoing trend in every facet of our lives. Even song lyrics are riddled with talks of popping bottles of Moet and Bacardi and girls shaking their bums and breasts. Is it a sign of the times? Are our youths becoming more disillusioned? Is it a classic example of the devil finds work for an idle hand?
I am getting really worried.

Anyway wishing you a blessed week ahead.


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