Monday, July 23, 2012

Happy Ramadan

Hi Guys!

Hope we all had a wonderful weekend. Mine was pretty tame due to the fact that the Holy month of Ramadan is here. As a God Fearing Muslim, i know that i have to abstain from worldly pleasures and i also have to sheath my claws and barbed tongue for the duration of this month and if possible, forever.

Ramadan to me as an individual is a time for inner searching and being closer to God. Its also a time for kind deeds and generally being a better version of myself. However, Ramadan to me is not the time for hypocrisy. Someone told me that i would have to change the way i dress and if possible cover my hair. Why? So because i am fasting now, ill have to wear a long flowing gown to the office or iro and buba? Who are we fooling? Everyone knows that i don't cover my hair,so why should i start now because its Ramadan. I thought religion was a thing of the mind and Ramadan was about God, not what people will say.

Anyway people are allowed to express their belief in different ways. As for me,No partying,drinking,hanky panky for me. I will pray more and try to be kinder to my fellow humans by giving Zakat and shy away from maliciousness and gossip. If you ask for more, then you are going for overkill.



Thursday, July 19, 2012

Manes of Fame

Hi Guys!

Its been a minute. Am sorry i have been neglecting my blogger duties but my life just got a bit more interesting.

Anyway my topic of discussion today is weaves,specifically those 'long ass fake as you please' obscenely expensive hair that make women look like drag queens. Seriously why do black women insist on wearing this manes of tackiness on  their heads and why oh why do we favor the extremely long ones that can cause domestic accidents.Seriously? I have nothing against weaves,hello,am spotting one on my head right now. However, when it becomes a joke then its going too far. We are Negroes and our race has been identified with our thick spongy hair. So we all know that if you see a black women spotting long silky hair,its fake!

Anyway some people can say am just hating. Some can say its because i have not found a man to shell out the cash for me to buy my own hair. I am of the opinion that less is more and it doesn't only apply to make up and cloths. By all means ladies you can buy expensive hair. I also do not like cheap weaves. However making hair that looks like your Rapunzel's distant black cousin that got sent to Africa instead of the tower,not classy.

till next time sweeties


Tuesday, July 10, 2012

sexy vs cute

Hey guys!

Hope the week is rolling along nicely? The traffic jams have been crazy and i sincerely hope people don't start developing high blood pressure. Anyways  onto a more interesting topic.

All my life i have been called cute,adorable and petite which are not bad things trust me.However to my vain mind, cute ranks alongside just being 'OK'. You know when a guy wants to describe a babe and he says ' She is not bad,She is ok' i cringe at being described like that. Ill take sexy anytime. Sexy to me means ' hot and desirable' and even though people try to make me feel better saying women who come across as sexy have the problem of being propositioned. Whats wrong with that i ask you? I want to be propositioned! Of course being the good girl that i am( wink!) i wont accept them( or at least all of them) i think i deserve the right to be propositioned.

I have a friend who is the epitome of sexiness. She isn't conventionally pretty,but she has this certain something that makes men flock round her.Her work is sexy, her smile is sexy and when she is talking to a guy,if she gives you her attention? watch out! I love her to death but i know anytime we go out, guaranteed she will be hit on and as for me, nada. Trust me being ' cute' has its advantages. You have the advantage of being taken seriously when discussing official matters instead of all the men in the board room thinking of how they can mount you on said board room table.I also know that cute means that you are easy on the eyes and sometimes  it brings out the protective sides of men,making them want to take care of you.

But i still wanted to be regarded as sexy not a cute doll to be put on a pedestal to be played with at certain times.

till next time

Monday, July 9, 2012

lala le friday/monday blues

Hi guys(BIG GRIN)!

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend as much as i did. It was both a fun and restful weekend and i had an absolute blast on Friday night. I danced my way into the wee hours of Saturday and i must say it was worth the cramps on Saturday from dancing in heels for hours on end.

Anyway its back to the grind and working for a paycheck. So am  wishing you all a wonderful week ahead. There is something brewing in my life,will keep you posted(wink!)



Friday, July 6, 2012

Fashionably inexpensive

hi Guys!

Its the weekend and am super excited! Nothing like the weekend to put a pep in your step and  a smile on your face. I just hope my boss does not rain on my parade and ask me to show up at work on a Saturday again, that would be a bummer.Anyway i have a date with my girlfriend tonight to have a ball and i promise to give you the juicy details of my groove.

Today,am talking about cloths and the feeling they inspire in you as a person. Have u felt that boost in your confidence when you know you are looking particularly good. You walk taller and your smile is wider and you just seem to sashay a  bit more. I absolutely love to look good especially when am down emotionally( nothing like a new pair of shoes to reduce the pain for just a minute). Mind you,am not a die hard style star before some people think am high maintenance. I don'T HAVE 250 pairs of shoes( but i hope to) and a walk in closet( but i hope to). However i love to look good and not break the bank doing it. There is nothing that makes me smile more than a colleague or friend passing a compliment about my outfit and exclaiming ' am sure it must be expensive' and i know that i got it for a steal,because as much as i love cloths i will not je gbese in the name of fashion.

so dear friends go forth and be fashionable but keep your eye on the bottom line.

Have a fab weekend.


Thursday, July 5, 2012

Playing By the Rules

Hello Guys!

its been a couple of days. My favorite issue of the day is ' the rules that apply to dating'. i am quite confused by the new rule book that has been passed around by my fellow peers and the i do not have a copy of.

What is the deal with guys always making this extremely annoying request of coming to ' see' them at home even when you've known the guy for all of five freaking minutes! I am appalled by the insensitivity of guys of today. A guy actually invited me over to his place for a meal of 'noodles and Boiled egg' and the pleasure of him mauling me. I politely told him,no thank you and passed on the offer. Another asked a friend of mine to come' visit' him at home in 'FESTAC!' after calling her about once or twice on the phone,even though they both work on the island and his mobile and she is not. Honestly! I can go on and on about the various 'come and see me' requests i have received from guys. In a bid to find out if it was only me and my friend this new phenomenon seemed to be plaguing. I asked a couple of other ladies and they said they have received their own share of ' come and see me's". Then i asked a male friend why it it so and he said its simply ' more convenient and economical' for a girl to come over instead. Nawa o! It have tire me o.

Anyway hopefully let us pray the economy improves so that men wont start offering pure water and refreshments when you come over.

Till Later.