Monday, July 23, 2012

Happy Ramadan

Hi Guys!

Hope we all had a wonderful weekend. Mine was pretty tame due to the fact that the Holy month of Ramadan is here. As a God Fearing Muslim, i know that i have to abstain from worldly pleasures and i also have to sheath my claws and barbed tongue for the duration of this month and if possible, forever.

Ramadan to me as an individual is a time for inner searching and being closer to God. Its also a time for kind deeds and generally being a better version of myself. However, Ramadan to me is not the time for hypocrisy. Someone told me that i would have to change the way i dress and if possible cover my hair. Why? So because i am fasting now, ill have to wear a long flowing gown to the office or iro and buba? Who are we fooling? Everyone knows that i don't cover my hair,so why should i start now because its Ramadan. I thought religion was a thing of the mind and Ramadan was about God, not what people will say.

Anyway people are allowed to express their belief in different ways. As for me,No partying,drinking,hanky panky for me. I will pray more and try to be kinder to my fellow humans by giving Zakat and shy away from maliciousness and gossip. If you ask for more, then you are going for overkill.



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