Tuesday, July 10, 2012

sexy vs cute

Hey guys!

Hope the week is rolling along nicely? The traffic jams have been crazy and i sincerely hope people don't start developing high blood pressure. Anyways  onto a more interesting topic.

All my life i have been called cute,adorable and petite which are not bad things trust me.However to my vain mind, cute ranks alongside just being 'OK'. You know when a guy wants to describe a babe and he says ' She is not bad,She is ok' i cringe at being described like that. Ill take sexy anytime. Sexy to me means ' hot and desirable' and even though people try to make me feel better saying women who come across as sexy have the problem of being propositioned. Whats wrong with that i ask you? I want to be propositioned! Of course being the good girl that i am( wink!) i wont accept them( or at least all of them) i think i deserve the right to be propositioned.

I have a friend who is the epitome of sexiness. She isn't conventionally pretty,but she has this certain something that makes men flock round her.Her work is sexy, her smile is sexy and when she is talking to a guy,if she gives you her attention? watch out! I love her to death but i know anytime we go out, guaranteed she will be hit on and as for me, nada. Trust me being ' cute' has its advantages. You have the advantage of being taken seriously when discussing official matters instead of all the men in the board room thinking of how they can mount you on said board room table.I also know that cute means that you are easy on the eyes and sometimes  it brings out the protective sides of men,making them want to take care of you.

But i still wanted to be regarded as sexy not a cute doll to be put on a pedestal to be played with at certain times.

till next time

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