Thursday, July 19, 2012

Manes of Fame

Hi Guys!

Its been a minute. Am sorry i have been neglecting my blogger duties but my life just got a bit more interesting.

Anyway my topic of discussion today is weaves,specifically those 'long ass fake as you please' obscenely expensive hair that make women look like drag queens. Seriously why do black women insist on wearing this manes of tackiness on  their heads and why oh why do we favor the extremely long ones that can cause domestic accidents.Seriously? I have nothing against weaves,hello,am spotting one on my head right now. However, when it becomes a joke then its going too far. We are Negroes and our race has been identified with our thick spongy hair. So we all know that if you see a black women spotting long silky hair,its fake!

Anyway some people can say am just hating. Some can say its because i have not found a man to shell out the cash for me to buy my own hair. I am of the opinion that less is more and it doesn't only apply to make up and cloths. By all means ladies you can buy expensive hair. I also do not like cheap weaves. However making hair that looks like your Rapunzel's distant black cousin that got sent to Africa instead of the tower,not classy.

till next time sweeties


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