Friday, July 6, 2012

Fashionably inexpensive

hi Guys!

Its the weekend and am super excited! Nothing like the weekend to put a pep in your step and  a smile on your face. I just hope my boss does not rain on my parade and ask me to show up at work on a Saturday again, that would be a bummer.Anyway i have a date with my girlfriend tonight to have a ball and i promise to give you the juicy details of my groove.

Today,am talking about cloths and the feeling they inspire in you as a person. Have u felt that boost in your confidence when you know you are looking particularly good. You walk taller and your smile is wider and you just seem to sashay a  bit more. I absolutely love to look good especially when am down emotionally( nothing like a new pair of shoes to reduce the pain for just a minute). Mind you,am not a die hard style star before some people think am high maintenance. I don'T HAVE 250 pairs of shoes( but i hope to) and a walk in closet( but i hope to). However i love to look good and not break the bank doing it. There is nothing that makes me smile more than a colleague or friend passing a compliment about my outfit and exclaiming ' am sure it must be expensive' and i know that i got it for a steal,because as much as i love cloths i will not je gbese in the name of fashion.

so dear friends go forth and be fashionable but keep your eye on the bottom line.

Have a fab weekend.


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