Thursday, July 5, 2012

Playing By the Rules

Hello Guys!

its been a couple of days. My favorite issue of the day is ' the rules that apply to dating'. i am quite confused by the new rule book that has been passed around by my fellow peers and the i do not have a copy of.

What is the deal with guys always making this extremely annoying request of coming to ' see' them at home even when you've known the guy for all of five freaking minutes! I am appalled by the insensitivity of guys of today. A guy actually invited me over to his place for a meal of 'noodles and Boiled egg' and the pleasure of him mauling me. I politely told him,no thank you and passed on the offer. Another asked a friend of mine to come' visit' him at home in 'FESTAC!' after calling her about once or twice on the phone,even though they both work on the island and his mobile and she is not. Honestly! I can go on and on about the various 'come and see me' requests i have received from guys. In a bid to find out if it was only me and my friend this new phenomenon seemed to be plaguing. I asked a couple of other ladies and they said they have received their own share of ' come and see me's". Then i asked a male friend why it it so and he said its simply ' more convenient and economical' for a girl to come over instead. Nawa o! It have tire me o.

Anyway hopefully let us pray the economy improves so that men wont start offering pure water and refreshments when you come over.

Till Later.


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