Monday, October 24, 2011

The Virtue of Patience

Hi guys,

Hope we all had a restful weekend? I did because i did absolutely nothing and it felt great! i slept,read a book,slept,read a book,watched a movie and slept again.It felt like the weekend should never end. I know a couple of people who complained of being bored because they could not go out because of the Local Government elections and rain thereafter(it was like God and the government was in cahoots).As for me it was a welcome event because last week was not a particularly good one,but i thank God.

Anyway to the business of the day,Patience!I am here to say that patience has never been my strong suit. I am not the most patient person and i lose my cool very quickly(probably the reason for my short temper). I especially do not have patience for stupid  and arrogant people who really do not have anything to be arrogant about. my lack of patience has affected every aspect of my life and i must confess sometimes not positively. when i say every aspect i mean EVERY(Family,work,school and romance).

I cannot begin to count how many guys i have given a tongue lashing because of their stupidity and total lack of gentlemanly behavior. I have a friend who has told me not to be quick to delete a guys number or PIN from my phone even though the guy has been totally disrespectful that i do not know when i will need him again. Excuse me? First of, i do not need anybody except God and secondly, i cannot abide being disrespected.

I know patience is a virtue and my mum still scolded me for my lack of patience this morning because i was finding it difficult to wear my necklace and i was about to throw it back in the box and leave the house without wearing one.She says am a woman and if intend on being a good wife and mother,i need to cultivate the habit and virtue of patience.

Anyway i an extent that yeah i need to be more patient with men but does that mean i have to become a doormat in the process?

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