Friday, March 4, 2011

its been a minute!

hi guys

its been eons since i have been here and am really sorry about that. it seems my life just keeps getting busier by the day and 24 hours don't seem to cut it anymore.

Anyway my life has been a real roller coaster of some sorts,but am not complaining. it gives me a sense of accomplishments and fulfilment knowing that i no longer piss hours away on idleness. so what has your girl been up to? a lot! i just started classes on a professional course that is going to take a year to finish and that's if i pass. combined with a full time demanding job in advertising and doing chores and studying by the side,its really a challenge but exciting at the same time,and do you no what? i intend on doing more. i have a lot of goals for this year and i must say the good lord has been more than faithful.

i intend on being more faithful to my blog,travelling to Dubai(yeeeeeeee!) and putting on more weight(i intend on getting to a size 8,am too damn skinny) and maybe finding a man! all these i intend on achieving this year and i know i will.
if you guys have any tips on gaining a few pounds please let me know.

until next time folks! its your girl,biggie!