Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Happy Birthday big sis

Hi guys!

I am going to dedicate my blog post for today to my elder sister Mrs Oyindamola Sosanya nee Rasaq.  I look back to the years when we so much younger and we used to fight all the time. I must admit i was a bit of a brat. I was convinced she preferred her friends to me and made sure i annoyed her constantly with my rudeness and smart mouth. Then in my teenage years and when i was in University i graduated to nicking her stuff. Using her makeup and carrying her bags and wearing her accessories without her permission. I can remember fondly her shouting episodes and she warning me never to touch her stuff again....need i say i never listened. 

Then she got married and moved to her husband's house and out of the country. Then it hit me! No more nicking stuff, no more shouting and who would i ask for advice on fashion and men. It was a classic case of ' you never know what you have till you lose it'.  My brother is trying in his own way to annoy me, but i shout about different stuff and i can't ask him if i should kiss a guy on the first date( he would just die) or what color of Lipstick to apply.She was not in the country when our dad passed away and that hit me because i had to act the part of first born( its not that easy) and i finally knew how much i needed her and missed her. Funny enough, the distance has made us closer and even though i haven't seen her in almost three years, its like she is here with me. ( Thank God for technology!). So enough said...... decided to upload pictures of my fabulous sisi,enjoy.. 

So there you have it! Happy Birthday Sis!!! You will see me before you know it... 

Live,Live and Laugh