Friday, January 25, 2013

Better Late than never... Its the weekend!

Hello People,

When it rains,it pours! This week has been crazy for me. Meetings upon meetings  and am so glad that its over. TGIF!TGIF! TGIF!.

Anyway for the belated gist... Saturday went well. I danced my socks of and generally just had fun with my girls and guys. As promised there was a lot of fashion and my gurls know how to throw down when it comes to dressing to kill. As i also predicted there were also a lot of estrogen fueled green eyed monsters present. Who looks good, who does not look Good. I HAVE TO BE THE BEST DRESSED GIRL. After a while it became a bit irritating. I wonder why we women are so competitive with each other. The night started of a bit slow because as i did not predict, my patience was sorely tested by quite a number of people and i finally realized that my patience is improving and so is my control over my tongue. I made a vow that the situation i found myself in will NEVER happen again and some boundaries will need to be redrawn. I did not take too many pix but here are some...  

So that's all. If you where expecting more scandalous pictures,sorry o. 
As for the upcoming weekend, I do have a beach party but i am not sure if i am game but if i do go ill tell you all about it.... Have a good one folks...

Love,Live and Laugh

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