Monday, March 23, 2015

The Myth of Work, Life Balance

Hi Guys,

Promises, Promises but i keep failing to keep them. So much, for my a blog post per week, pledge, but life has a way of just messing with your plans. We plan, God laughs.

Its been a crazy couple of weeks, at the office and in my personal life as well. It seems the pressure has been increased tenfold and everyone is on edge. Nothing causes strife and tension as much as money matters. Even though, i am not at Liberty to talk about stuff that happens in the office, professionalism and all that. I can say this though, it has not been fun. Infact, of late, i am questioning many things but all i can do is show up,dig in and do my job to the best of my ability even though it feels like its all for naught.  

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Yesterday, a thought popped into my mind, while i having sunday evening blues ( By the way, that is some cause for alarm though). Is work, life balance a myth created by the Corporate world to keep people chained to their desk, for a major part of their lives? If we look at this objectively, when something is supposed to be balanced, is it not supposed to be 50 50? So from the get go, they lied to us. You spend 5 days a week at work and two days to rest, so duh! where is the balance? Should i mention over time and the fact that you are required to work weekends sometimes? So where is the balance i ask you? So when, i see HR professionals come and preach the work,life balance gospel to me, i just scoff and roll my eyes. In Nigeria, you are crucified for leaving your office at 5.30PM when that was what was written on your employment letter. According to some organisations, it does not show commitment. I could go on and on about how work,life balance at least in Private organisations. I think its a mirage and i would appreciate if they could just be honest and tell it as it is, not talk from both sides of the mouth.

Enough ranting about the Injustice dished to the Labour force in Nigeria. Its a very important week for the country as a whole. It's the countdown to the Elections ( Yipee!). You ask why i jubilate? I just want this elections, over and done with. I just want to move on with my life. Even though, the first quarter is always slow, this first quarter has been a total waste, business wise. Everything has gone to hell and it seems the economy just plummeted. Exchange rate has been more epileptic than power supply, and power supply has been non existent. In other news, electricity tariff was reduced by 50%.....hahahahahahah...They really insult our intelligence in this country. These elections should just come and go.

I finally had my introduction ceremony and i am so grateful to God, that it was a huge success. It even turned out better than i thought. I could not have done it without the financial and moral support of family and friends. The prayers worked and to think i was so stressed out, everybody who really cared and loved me, did their bit to make the day what it was. Alhamdulilahi! Pictures of the day, will come soon...You know i love to share.

Let's try and enjoy the week. Please stock up on food stuffs in preparation for the election, we don't know what may happen because some stupid young men, who have cotton wool instead of brains have been fighting. For the life of me, i cannot understand. These people you are fighting for, their children are abroad ooooo. For how much?  It is well....

Live,love and Laugh

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