Thursday, November 3, 2011

the trouble with women

hello peeps!

its been crazy this past few weeks and i have been under a lot of stress.anyway my new pet peeve  are girlfriends! and no i don't swing both ways but having female friends can be a drag. apart from the threat of being hit on by guys i think its relatively easier to be friends with guys,at least for me.

i have always been the victim of vicious fights with girls that i thought  could be called friends. i have been the topic of gossip and backbiting and frankly i have wanted to enter a cat fight with a couple of them. why is IT so difficult to get along with girls? after all i am a girl and i should understand them,but frankly i don't. i cant stand the envy or jealousy,the misunderstanding of words,the emotional outbursts and the hormone ranges.

in the past two months i have entered into arguments with two female colleagues, a serious fight with a neighbour and another argument with a close friend and they are all female. am not saying that i do not ever want to have female friends,i have some that are more like sisters. in fact i have a friend that i have known for over 15 years and we are still going strong( we have our arguments though). i cant discuss man problems with a man or make fun of a man with a guy friend, or go shopping or just be plain silly.but seriously sisters,we need to just chill and relax and sheath our claws and trust me we will live a whole lot longer.

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