Friday, November 25, 2011

the sting of rejection

hi guys!

its the weekend again and i must say that i expect it with great relief. this week has been draining and i cannot wait to rest and take care of my health because i have been a bit under the weather.

anyway my pet peeve today is rejection. who hasn't felt the sting of being rejected? it could be at work,at home or in a romantic sense. if there is a PhD for being rejected, i think i would have it. am not complaining because i believe rejection sometimes is good for the ego and makes you humble. i was rejected recently by someone and i must say that at very moment it hurt like the very devil. first of i was not really into him and all but because i had decided to be a bit more open minded in my dealings with men,i decided to stay friends( which is very unlike me.when i cut lose i cut lose). anyway i got rejected by the son of a gun when i tried to take the friendship to another level.

i have wondered many times what my reaction should be. should i coil up in a ball and cry or should i ' man up and say on to the next one. my ego and pride has been badly bruised but what can a girl do. i have decided to be strong about the situation and smile. i know that i am a 'catch' for any guy and frankly its his loss. so whenever you get rejected by a person or a company or anything just smile and know that sooner than you think your letter of acceptance is on the way.

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