Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Dressing the Part

Hi guys!

its been a very loooooooong needed weekend. I had an absolute blast! It was the Sallah  celebration for the Muslims world wide and give it to the Muslims(at least my family and the ones i know) we know how to throw a a party. My weekend was filled with non stop activities(shopping,cooking,family and i got to be a runway model even though its not as glamorous as it sounds). It seems like as usual the four day weekend raced past and here i am chained to my desk again.

Now to the business of the day, dressing for work. I must admit that i am a staunch supporter of professional dressing in the office. I believe that if you are coming to work in a corporate environment you should dress the part. I work in an advertising agency and i must admit that i get to see the good,bad and downright bizarre dressing from my colleagues especially those in the creative department,from corn rows to dread locks,singlets won on cargo pants,you name it we got it(at least nobody is crazy enough to come to work in their under wear yet and am sure as lenient as the management is,that person would probably be sanctioned)

Another aspect am interested in is,does the dressing extend to the hairstyle especially for the females. A recent saga in my office involved a female colleague having to go home and remove the weave she had on because it was too loud and unprofessional. i must admit that i was  bit taken aback when i saw the said hair but at the same time i thought 'we work in an ad agency famous for their casual dressing,is this not the perfect place to express your creativity. Now,I am also at the other end of the hammer with the gown i wore to work today being commented on. I was told i looked good by some,sexy by some and one female colleague out of i don't know what went through her head,said this is the first gown i have ever won that fit me to a T(that is a back handed compliment if i ever saw one because i recall being complemented about many other gowns i have won before,women sha!)Anyway a senior colleague called me aside to tell me politely and cheekily that the gown should not be won again( wonder why?) is it the hemline or the shocking fuchsia pink colour or the fact that the gown brings out my curves in the right places that i never knew i had..

anyway for the sake of the sanity of the male folks ill wear a blazer on the gown next time.

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