Wednesday, November 16, 2011

who cares what you think?

hi guys!
its mid week already and that means the week is slowly but surely coming to an end, and then the weekend is here! ( even though its just for two days). well i have a new pet peeve and its called ' caring about what people think'.

lets face it! we all care about other people's opinion,its just that some people care more than others. I used to hide under the facade of not caring about what people think, i lied. i think i care about it too much, in fact behind my 'go screw yourself' face, am mentally and emotionally affected about people's perception about me. I just generally want to be liked and respected not by everybody ( that's simply silly) but by the majority at least.

the painful thing is that even if you are the nicest being on earth and constantly try to please, shit(pardon the language) still gets said about you. this happens everywhere,work, the church and the family who should actually be your genetic fan club.the most shocking thing is that the bearers of the highly unflattering remarks about your person could be your bosom buddy or family member. i have been known to lose my appetite when  i hear what people say about me or actually burst into tears( i have the misfortune of having a leaking tear duct that gets stimulated frequently,simply put i cry A LOT) and sometimes am actually more bothered and crying because of the fact that am bothered,because most of the time its tears of anger at myself.

lately,events have simply shown me that i REALLY should not care about what people think because even IF they care about what i think,they still go ahead and do what they wanna do( a girlfriend of mine actually did it recently and even though she doesn't know that i know, we are cheerfully fooling each other).

so my new mantra in life( or rather one of them) is to TRY to care less about what people think as long as my actions don't hurt anyone and go ahead and live my life, be nice to people who deserve it and at the same time try to plug my leaking tear ducts and keep my emotions to myself. its going to be hard but i know i can and i advice anyone that has the problems i have should try to do the same.

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