Monday, November 14, 2011

the green eyed monster in me

hi guys!

hope the weekend went well? mine was mediocre with nothing too good or too bad. I made my hair on Friday night and got home pretty late after falling on my bum because the new hairstyle was obscuring my vision and i was bone tired. i left for school the next morning  to write my mock exam and got properly flogged because my brain went black and for the life of me i could not remember a thing( i rewarded myself with pounded yam and vegetable) for my abysmal efforts. then i had to play nurse maid to my mum who sadly was under the weather.soooo my weekend went well( i have to be positive).

The topic for today is envy. i know morally and religiously that being envious and wanting  your neighbors assets is a cardinal sin but who can tell me honestly that they have never felt a tinge of envy for someone.  I have and it happened to me recently. A friend of mine informed me about her getting a new job in an establishment that i would love to work in. At first i was elated, then the monster crept in. I now looked back at the years i had known this friend of mine and how EVERYTHING she wants she gets and how her life had been rolling along according to some divine blue print or plan. I had to mentally and physically stop my thoughts by pinching myself and asking God for forgiveness but in that moment of weakness i did not CARE. So here comes my question. How much envy is healthy? When does envy turn to outright jealousy and then plain bitterness? Can you channel envy into something positive? Can envy make you work harder or push you to do evil? These questions i do not have the answers to but i can tell you that feeling envious is not something you should be ashamed of, its how you control  it and your actions after that is is important. AS for my friend. Do i envy her? Yes! However am i happy for her? Most definitely! Do i wish i had her job? heck yeah! Would i pray she losses it. No. but will i will be inspired to put my back into it.Without a doubt.

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