Tuesday, November 22, 2011

down with the flu

hi guys,

its been another roller coaster couple of days and the weekend hurtled past,so that does not count. anyway i have heard the word exam fever and am curious about what it means.

is it when you cant sleep and you mind is constantly on the chapters in your textbook that you have not covered. is it when you heart constantly skips a beat when you realise the exam day is closer? In that case i guess am down with the exam flu.

i have professional exams coming up and i must admit that am worried sick not only because it will finally buttress the thoughts of me being not as smart as everybody thinks i am,if i fail or the thousands of naira i have poured into the course that i could have bought a small car to take me about with. its like i feel my communications career is tied to the whole thing and it will determine if i will move forward or backward. i know that career advancement is not only about my paper qualification but about what you know, but i feel it will help me in the right direction.

anyway am keeping both my fingers and toes crossed and i guess i have to do my path....which is study.

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