Thursday, November 22, 2012


hi guys!

Hows the week going? Mine has been quite eventful and am here to regale you about the not so pleasant details.

Well i am sure i have mentioned that i work in an advertising agency and specifically the strategy department. Working in strategy by popular belief means that you must be very cerebral and smart with a capital S. Whether i fit that description, is another debate for another day.

Anyway on Tuesday, running round like a headless chicken to get some work done, i had a most unfortunate accident. My Boss was on my tail asking for a research video that was to be included into a presentation for a prospect. Nothing seemed to go right that wonderful tuesday morning because as one challenge was solved another reared its ugly head. I was already getting really frustated because nothing seemed to be getting done and i was in 4 inch heels. Then the worst happened!

A collegue unintentionally slammed a door on my right hand index finger( yeeeeeeeeech!). I am sure you are wondering how that happened. Impatience happened! He asked me to close the door on my way out of his office and while i was trying to do so, he obviously had a change of mind and decided to do it himself. The rest is history! The pain is undescribable! It went from that finger straight to my brain and i WAILED! I forgot that i was in an office and i was a young professional. I cried like a baby and i contined crying while First Aid was administered to the finger. Safe to say, the day was ruined.

I had to take wednesday of and attend to the finger because it had swollen up by the next morning and i needed to go to the clinic for Shots to prevent any infection. Anyway after a couple of hours, i could laugh about the whole episode. Though it still throbs and i do not look chic  spotting a plaster wrapped finger and i found it difficult to apply eyeliner with my left hand.

Anyway, its all good.


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