Monday, August 22, 2011

Is failure an excuse to give up?

i do not know how many of us have felt the bitter taste of failure. that punch in your gut feeling after you made an effort. the worst kind of failure is the one you experience when you believe your utmost best has been put into it. when you fail at something that you know you didn't put much effort in,you don't feel that bad but when you know you put your back into it and still get bitch slapped by it,you just might never recover.

is it an excuse for you to wax spiritual and say maybe its a sign from God that its not for you. or should you grit your teeth and say i am not about to give up! this is what they call a real test of character. nothing good comes easy they say and you just need to get back into the saddle even though the horse just gave you a concussion.

to all my fellow failures today but successes tomorrow, you are not alone. its time to get back into the saddle but this time with our helmets on.

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