Monday, October 28, 2013

The 'Fashion Budget Series' Post 1

Hello Ladies and Gents,

How was the weekend? Fun,chilled or in between? I spent the weekend at home. The weather these past couple of days has been extremely hot. Just raising my hand to swat away a fly makes me break out in sweat. Unfortunately, living in Nigeria means that hot weather does not give you an excuse to prance around in short shorts and crop tops( especially if you are not mobile).

Anyway lets get to the business of today. While i was just lounging about in my short shorts and tank tops ( indoors of course) browsing through the internet and fashion magazines. I could not help but feel a tad bit jealous of these celebrities ( some local and mostly international) with their $5000 hand bags and cashmere sweaters. What's a girl to do on a budget? No matter what all these fancy pants economists tell me with their graphs and pie charts and reports, the truth of the matter is that we are broke ( speaking for the common man i mean). The economy is comatose and our leaders are in a coma as well. I cannot believe that Nigerian senators receive a ward robe allowance of N621,061.37 about $4000 a month. Is this fair?

Anyway i digress... so what does this mean for young women who want to look good but do not have endless deep pockets, an oil company job, a 'sponsor' or a rich family background? It means you get creative. I did a post in the past ' single girl living on a budget' but that was more of a rant on our life style in general. These series of posts are going to be more practical and will actually give tips on how to look good on a limited amount of cash. Some of them will be sheer common sense, some from fashion websites that actually know what they are talking about and some might be from friends and even my own thoughts or ideas. Ready? Lets go...

  • Going Vintage: I have always said that 'Vintage' is just a fancy way of saying 'Okrika' or 'second hand clothing'. I know some women will rather face boko haram insurgents than be caught ' bend down selecting' and Yaba and Lagos Island market is not for the faint of heart but you could stumble across some really good pieces.   

  • The art of Mixing; a good fashionista knows that mixing and matching is a very smart way to go. You could pair an expensive pair of shoes with a less pricey blouse or dress. There is also no shame in repeating some pieces and wearing them in a different way. 
  • Make it fit: No matter how expensive an outfit is, if it does not fit properly, it looks cheap. This goes for less pricey stuff as well. Making sure its tailored and fits right will make you look like a million bucks.   

This is it for the first post of the ' Fashion Budget Series'. More posts are coming and hope you enjoy, learn and even send suggestions. Please send your suggestions to or follow me on twitter @tobirasaq . 

Have a fab week ahead. 

Live,Love and Laugh

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