Tuesday, October 29, 2013


Hello Everyone,

It's still the affordable fashion series and i hope we all learnt a thing or two from post one and are getting inspired, i know i am.

In post 2, we are focusing on accessories and how we can use them to update our ward robe if we are a bit cash strapped. Its not all the time, that you  totally change your wardrobe but with a few select accessory pieces, you can breathe some new life into those cloths that you are so tired of. Here we go..

  • Embellished Sandals : Sandals are so comfortable when dressing down especially in this very hot weather( i cannot say for those in the west, i guess they need boots). Thong sandals in different colors give some sparkle to a casual outfit and gives you a bohemian vibe.  
  • Colorful scarves: Even though the weather is very hot now. Harmattan is around the corner with its hazy, cold windy mornings ,filled with dust. Wear a colorful scarf to dress up your outfit, they also come in handy in winter and Autumn. Scarves can be worn on the neck,as headbands and tied on bags for a chic look. 
  • Fun Bracelets: They are so affordable and come in bright cheerful colors. Wear one or many at a time and give your outfits a youthful zest. 
  • Bright Heels: Do not buy another boring black shoe. Get some pop of color into your wardrobe with a bright colored pair of heels. I prefer pumps because they are versatile and can be won with jeans, skirts and dresses. 
  • Skinny Belts: Belts have gone beyond functionality and can be a fashion statement especially when they come in color. Cinch in that waist with a bright colored skinny belt when wearing sweaters or a dress or even jeans. 
  • Over sized neck pieces: They are on trend and in my opinion going to be here for a while. Buying statement neckpieces and wearing them with old cloths just give you a different look and they come in different price ranges, so its pocket friendly. 
Hope these tips go a long way in keeping you fashionable on a budget. More posts will come up on the Fashion budget series. Do not forget to send your suggestions to and follow me on twitter @tobirasaq. If you also want to get fabulous accessory pieces please visit the facebook page 


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