Wednesday, October 30, 2013


Hello People,

Its been a wonderful week so far. Why? I have been writing about two things that i am really interested in. Fashion and Finance. I looove to look good ( my mum thinks am the vainest person created) and i am also very money conscious ( my room mate in school, friends,boy friend and family members can attest to it). I am part Ijebu and that's the dominant part of me, i must confess. I am very frugal and i am NOT a shopaholic( i can be,but i refuse to). When i wanted to start this blog, i wanted to go the fashion blogger route but after going through various fashion blogs and seeing the daily fabulous fashion updates and the name brands they wear. I realized that i could not compete, period! I am totally confused on how these ladies can afford their ward robes? Do they save? How much do they spend on cloths monthly? Can i be an Ijebu Fashionista? I am not dissing them oooo, far from it. I have the utmost respect for them and a little envy i might add. If i had the resources to have as many cloths as they do, believe me i would. One of my dreams in life is to have a 'walk in' closet filled with shoes but till then i have to work with a budget. Which is why the idea of this fashion series popped into my head while chatting with my sister. Anyway, this is my third post on the fashion budget series and i intend to continue writing on affordable fashion, from time to time. I also want to say that i cannot be placed under the title 'FASHIONISTA' but i do love to look good.  So that gives me the right to write about fashion. Being a fashionista is too much work if you ask me, but if you are a young lady and love to look good but on a budget, then we are soul sisters.

This post is about some staple pieces that any woman MUST have in their closet, Fashionista or not. I am not a ' Trendy' person i believe in ' Timeless classy pieces' that will stand the test of time. Trends should be used to update a ward robe not build it. So lets go....

  • The little Dress: This is a staple. It could be black or white or are as many colors as you can afford. However start with the black. Black is versatile,goes with everything and can be dressed up or down,depending on the occasion. Make sure it fits your body type and you feel fabulous when you wear it.  
  • Blazer: I love blazers.They have saved me so many times when i have no idea what to wear. Especially the black one. Its also very versatile and can be worn both day and night, casual or formal,depending on what you wear it with.  
  • White button down shirt: Have as many of this as possible. The Nigerian weather demands it especially if you are not mobile. White shirts can fade or get dirty or become cream in color ( lol) if you are a public transport veteran.  
  • Black Trousers and Black pencil skirt: Must haves! I love the black pencil skirt. Ist a life saver, goes with everything and fits almost any shape. It gives me curves especially those that come in body con material. Black trousers go with anything as well. 
  • Black Leather Bag, shoes ( heels and flats): Frugality aside, i believe you should invest in a good black leather bag ( do not go birkin) but  you have to buy one that will last a very long time. I have a brown leather bag that's older than i am, passed down to me from my mum. The shoes too, if you can. Flats are comfortable and heels give you sex appeal and go with everything. 
  • Cardigan sweaters and Camisoles: You should get these in  black,tan and a bright color. They can be worn together or with dresses,blazers etc. They look very sophisticated.  
  • Leather belt: Black and brown colors are essential and help to finish your look. 
  • Leggings; Black ooooo! that's the must have to be worn with tunic tops and shirt dresses. 
  • Jeans: Its preferable to get this in dark washes. It allows you to wear them in semi formal and casual attire. 
  • A pair of sandals: Make sure they go with everything and are comfortable. Sandals can be worn with dresses ( maxis and knee length),leggings, shorts and even jeans. 
  • Statement accessories: neck pieces, rings, bangles and earrings etc. They help in transforming attires from formal to casual. 
 Hope all these posts are very helpful. We 'frugalistas' need to stick together. Its been a blast this couple of days and i have enjoyed writing every post, hope you have enjoyed reading them. All these tips are a combination of common sense and research. Please post comments and send suggestions via my email account or  please follow me on my twitter handle @tobirasaq. For your gorgeous and AFFORDABLE accessories visit  


Live Love and Laugh..

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