Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Eid Mubarak

Hello guys,

It's been  eons hasn't it? Some folks thought I had left for parts unknown. The truth is your girl has been alive and well but sometimes you have to go into seclusion and reassess your life. No am not having romantic drama( in fact that is going well).

Hopefully I'll be back to full time blogging soon but a woman has to got to eat and I could never do well as a 'kept woman', i need to work. One of the reasons my would be helpers found me so disagreeable to begin with. You can't call me at the last minute to accompany you to ' Asaba' for a weekend, i probably had plans. In fact am not sure 'runs' is a profitable business right now, everyone is tighter than the horses at 'TBS'. 2013 has been a very 'good ' year, am now a firm believer in the number 13 stigma. Could the economy be any worse?

Anyway it's the Sallah holidays and that means dentists might make some money at least. Sallah meat abounds for all and sundry and as a friend said a friend said ' if you have not eaten Sallah meat by now that means you have a shitty attitude in the neighbourhood'. Please eat meat if you are offered, as a Muslim, i can assure you, its not poison. If you have not combined Sallah meat and ijebu garri together, you have not lived.

Till next time.

Live, Love and Laugh

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