Friday, December 14, 2012

TGIF Thinz and Men Wahala

Hey Guys!

Its the weekend and tis the season to be merry! I am so glad the weekend is here. Its been one of those week's that i could not wait for to be over. I was a bit under the weather yesterday. Sore throat,stomach upset and sneezing all over the place. I felt like absolute crap and i even had to close early yesterday for some much needed rest. 

Ehen for the Gist of today. I am sure you have heard of hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, well it goes both ways me darlings. HELL! will run for the opposite direction when a guy is scorned and the guy in question has some deep rooted Psychological and emotional problems. Infact, if a guy is scorned he can show the woman in question pepper. Why do I say this? There has been this trend of scorned men that take to diabolical means of getting back at their exes. Have you not heard of acid baths bestowed on young ladies by men they have told  they no do again.

I begin to wonder if this young women did not see some signs that these guys could be sociopaths? For a guy to do such a thing he must have shown some tendencies towards violence or something. May God have mercy on us o. I am of the opinion that no matter how in love with a guy you are, if he shows ANY signs of violence towards you,RUN! as fast you can because it will only get worse. If he threatens you in any way, tell the relevant people( Police,friends and Family members) and be as vigilant as possible and please PRAY because at the end of the day, Its only God that is the true protector. Too many young women are being maimed and killed all in the name of some twisted love these demons in man form say they have for them. If that is the only love that exists, ill pass thank you.

OKAY! Enough of somber talk. Its the weekend! Woohoo! What are your plans? There are soo many events to get to and so little time and even lesser funds to shop and go for this event. Rythm unplugged is around the corner, So is the Koko Concert and none of my buddies have mentioned wanting to go for any....sign! Anyway we must to groove utunu.

Till later folks!

Laughter and Loads of love and kisses!

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