Friday, September 24, 2010

Absolute crap!

once a again i am hear to rant and rave about the F up's! of men or rather the human race in general. for the sake of privacy and because i do not want to butchered in my sleep,i wont mention names.... i promise!

i guess u all know about my very painful break up with my boyfriend of many years. it hurt,i cried,i cursed bla bla bla,moving on...Anyway after a while i started to get back to my old self and i wanted to dip my toe in the dating pool,with disastrous results. i want to mention a particular guy in general,lets call him Mr x. I and Mr x have known each other for quite a while but lost contact for a couple of years. Thanks to our wonderful social networking sites we reconnected and started exchanging mails,IM's and finally phone calls. He was sounding good on paper and was talking the talk. HE also expressed a desire to relocate to our fatherland(did i mention he lives abroad)as a dutiful friend and potential girlfriend to be.I advised him on how to prepare for all the pitfalls present in our business climate here and warned him to be sure if that was what he wanted to do.Little did i know i was giving ammunition for another day.

Imade the fatal mistake of asking him for money,just once! which i never do and still hate myself for doing and it was because of desperation. he suddenly kept of and when i confronted him,he began to spew(God knows where he came up with)tales of my negativity and how i never encouraged him on his business ventures and that he has decided to stay away.

can you believe that crap!Anyway i am at my wits end with men and frankly i think ill take my toe out of the pool,find a chair and lounge by the single side of the pool till whene

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