Friday, February 22, 2013

Thursday Night & TGIF!

Hello ladies and Gents,

How has the week been? Dry,OK or fantastic? The week for once just seemed to zoom by so fast and it just seems that the weekend might zoom by faster.

Anyway it seems the weekend started sooner than expected for me. My colleagues and sweethearts at the office managed to convince me to break one of my rules ' No night outings during the week'. We decided to go for a fashion show for Guess organized for the Google social media week. I had been hearing so much about it and i had wanted to go for at least one of the events. So i eventually did and i must say we had a good time minus the drama that happened which made us get there late. We also managed to pop in at Terra Culture for another music event and managed to watch performances by upcoming female music artists ' Miss J' and ' Temi Doll face' ( Hope i got their names right). They both had so much energy and i moved my body a bit to the music. However i had to be a bit of brat and insist we leave since it was getting really late and we do have to get to the office today. I would have loved to see Black Magic perform though but we had to leave.  I took a couple of pictures and i must apologize that it was a looooooooong day and we might not be looking like Socialites and Fashionistas but we tried sha...

It was really a  good time. Tomorrow if i my boss does not rain on my parade by asking me to show up at work. I have a beach party so that promises to be a blast. Till later my Lovelies....

Live. Love. Laugh!

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