Friday, March 22, 2013

Unabashed Vain Nigerian Girl

Hallos My Lovelies!

TGIF! Happy Bunny that's me. This week went by faster than a bullet train and am ecstatic. What where you up to this week apart from work or business? Mine was a pretty tame, it was just work and trust me i noticed a couple of things that i decided to share with you....

Girls love cloths ( or at least the fashionable ones), rich or poor, educated or illiterate,black or white. We also love to shop and rip of the tags from any new purchase( at least that applies to me). During the course of the week, i noticed that my nails needed a touch up, so i stopped over at a neighborhood salon to get it fixed. During the course of my visit, a lady came in to sell cloths to the girls that work at the shop. The happiness and excitement was so infectious and familiar i could not help but smile. Granted the clothes were second hand but i could identify with the feeling buying new stuff  gives a woman( lest i forget vintage clothing is just a fancy way of saying okrika). Anyway it was a sight for sore eyes and it just lifted my spirits for the day.

Another observation i made during the course of the week was a young lady i sat beside in a bus on my way home from work with a colleague/friend. Earlier in the evening i and my colleague stopped over at a popular shop at Yaba called ' Iya Tega' to buy toiletries. I noticed this young lady at the shop whining to one of the shop attendants that she had spent soo much, how could her bill be eight thousand naira? Hian! Women try ooooo and i can't feel sanctimonious because am not innocent. The young lady also boarded the same bus with us carrying a very expensive bag ( Do not ask me how i know, i just do) and when her phone rang, Omalicha/Omidan proceeded to answer the call on a BB Porsche! In a DANFO!!! To make matter's worse, she was telling the person on the phone, that she was on her way back to school. She is a student? That's what went through my head. Hmmmm..... Need i say more?

Well to more fun stuff, Pictures!

Shoes! One day....( Sign!)

This cute Ankara Peplum skirt was created by 'Rita & Nathan' Couture. Trust me it even looks better in life. Just goes to show that being skinny does not make you an automatic model. To get your own fabulous Ankara creations please use the following contact information: BB PIN ( 28842BE0) Phone no(08161138330).

That's all folks... Have a blast this weekend!

Live Love Laugh

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