Thursday, March 28, 2013

You Only Live Once.... Easter Bunny

Hi Guys!

Happy Easter! Its going to be a long weekend and i am sure everyone is as excited as i am. Nothing beats a long weekend. Sleep,Sleep and more sleep. Lagos can be so hectic. 

What are your plans? As usual i do not have ay plans for certain but i am sure that something will come up and trust your girl she will fall in. I have been feeling a bit under the weather for a few days but that has never stopped me from having the time of my life. You are only young,single and Fancy free once in your life. Instead of you mopping about the fact that you are single, enjoy the fact that you are single and you are not responsible to anyone....yet.

I think young ladies are enamored with the fairy tale of Marriage. News Flash! Its not a fairy tale, its a very loooooong and challenging journey with lots of stops on the way. A married male friend of mine told me that even though society says a marriage depends on a woman, he says its a farce. He said if you are unfortunate to marry the wrong man, marriage literally becomes hell on earth for the woman. He says i should not be in a hurry and i should not settle.

So young single ladies, be merry and be happy. Enjoy your time now, indulge and spoil yourself. Once you become a wife and a mother, it ends!

Have a wonderful Easter holiday my lovelies...

Live Love Laugh

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