Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The Fun Fearless Female

Hi Girls & Guys!

Its been a fun couple of days after a full month of being a well behaved girl. I must admit that i kind of miss Ramadan. The Holy month has a way of making you very disciplined. You spend less time on frivolities and spend more time in deep thought and prayer. You are less concerned about the troubles of the world and for me  a  chronic pessimist, Ramadan injects some form of optimism into my life. I will surely miss Ramadan and look forward to many more.

My topic for today is being the Fun Fearless Female. First of all a fun fearless female is a woman who wants to achieve it all. She is fun,adventurous,sexy and very smart. She wants the whole package( wife,mother and career) buy also knows its not an easy ride but is willing to put in the work.  That's what i want to be in good time. I want to succeed in any career or business i delve into and i also want to be a good wife and mother. i know that its going to be an uphill task and i will definitely feel the strain. However i know with God on my side and the right man, its something that can be achieved.

So to all young women out there, We can make it, but just go into this battle with no illusions.

Wishing You all a wonderful Day


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