Friday, January 17, 2014

TGIF Conversation ( Office Culture)

Hi Guys,

Its been a very busy week for me at work. Meeting upon meetings and a lot of correspondence via email. Its been challenging and i like challenging. How has YOUR week been? Like mine or more low key?
Anyway, today is the day the lord has made in his infinite mercy for all hard working people,Friday! I think the best part of the weekend is Friday because of the feeling of expectation, you have for the weekend. The fact that you have two working free days ahead( if you don't have to work Saturdays) to do absolutely anything you want to, bliss...

I want to talk about office culture today and even though i might be shooting myself in the foot, am still going to go for it. After all,that's what this blog is about, being able to express myself freely. Well....the place i currently work is quite different from where i used to work. Here, people are more reserved and keep to themselves most of the time and are very into the work. Not much chit chatting about or exchanging of pleasantries as much as my old place.

There are some exceptions though, like myself, who are a bit extroverted and i have bonded with them. However, the prevalent culture seems to be ' More work and Less play'. Well this could be both good and back. Good because the work gets done, bad because everyone is always strung out and this could lead to burn out.

I think that organisations need to find a fine balance, so that people can effectively work and have fun while doing it, so it does not feel like work. I love to have fun while working, it keeps my creative juices flowing. I love to listen music and jiggle my behind on my seat while pounding out documents. Some people like peace and quiet, so to maintain the peace, i use my head phones, everyone is happy.

I just hope i am able to make an impact in a positive way and inject some life into their lives. Life is too short men. Have a fantastic weekend ahead. In the spirit of fun and just plain vanity, here are some of my looks over the week,chained to my desk

Live Love and Laugh

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