Friday, January 10, 2014

My first TGIF of the year!!!

Hi Guys,

Its Friday and we all know the familiar saying 'Thank God Its Friday'. Officially its the second Friday of the year but for me its the First because i resumed work this week and to me, you only have the right to say 'TGIF' when yo have had a productive working week either as an employee or employer, basically if you worked at all during the week.

Its official that the grind has begun and the hustling madness is in full swing but i am grateful that i have the privilege to work and even call myself a hustler. So what are the plans for this weekend? I have zilch! I am going to stay home and rest and try to catch up on some studying this weekend. I have Msc Entrance exams next week Tuesday and i am not looking forward to it because ill have to confront my nemesis, dear old maths.

Just wanted to wish you all a grand weekend.  

Live Love and Laugh

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