Monday, August 26, 2013

Mondays Musings on the BBA Finale

The end! The Big Brother Africa  phenomenon which stirred a lot of controversy both online and offline has finally come to an end with Delicious Dillish Matthews, the Namibian Housemate taking home the whooping price of $300,000( what a lucky girl,beautiful and rich to boot). 

I really tried  to follow the Big Brother show this year and i must say it was very interesting. I experienced varying emotions( from horror at the antics of Beverly, to amusement at the funny man's Sulu's undying love for Selly and pure feminine admiration for Hakim's body). The various love triangles and romances were also enough to get my attention, after all that was what the 'The Chase' was about and there was Drama Drama Drama!!! Who does not love Drama as long as you are not in the middle of it. It just makes you feel better about yourself,doesn't it?

I am happy that Dillish won, apart from the fact that she is a woman. I wasn't that enthused about the Nigerian housemates( call it unpatriotic and all, but it is what it is and i am entitled to an opinion). Apart from her obvious physical attributes( she is very pretty) she managed to keep her cool and stay faithful to her man while being on good terms with both the girls and guys in the house, at least she tried to be ( Hakim nominated her many times  because he considered her lazy, eat your heart out, Hakim). If i were her ' boo', I'd propose to her sharp sharp! Lock that girl down ASAP, if she comes to Nigeria, we will take her, a word is enough for the wise. 

She triumphed, despite her many nominations and she was never ' Head of House'. She was underestimated by her housemates( they probably thought she was all beauty and no brains) especially in my opinion by Elikem the Ghanian Housemate who just rubbed me the wrong way from the get go( I cannot fault his focus though and his determination, he used the platform to advertise his craft and got a hot woman to boot, Pokello) but i just didn't want him to win, His cockiness would have been too much to take. 

An acquaintance  of mine made this statement on his BB PM " The men were chasing the women and the women were chasing the money' Do you agree? For Example take Hakim and Cleo AKA The Ice queen. I think that Hakim was evicted because of Cleo. He lost focus in the game and was Cleo this and that and despite his ' Hunk Appeal' people were just over it. In my Opinion, Hakim was more into Cleo than she was in to him( just saying) and tried to minimize her ' Mushiness' which back fired on her according to my mum who watches Big Brother by the way. My mum's analysis of the finale is that the reason Cleo didn't win is because of her ' Aloofness'  because since its Guys that vote the most. They were probably put of by her character and voted more for Dillish who is warm and adorable and was Loyal to her man. African men love Loyalty.

Anyway, congrats to Dillish and i wish her and all the other housemates success in their future endevours...

Live Love and Laugh!

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