Friday, August 23, 2013

Casual Friday Rocks!


Its the end of another working week and i am so grateful that its friday!  I just want to zone out this weekend and do absolutely nothing. Last weekend was hella crazy but it was worth it.

Its Friday which also means you get to dress down for most organizations. Friday for me also means, no heels. I get to wear flats and just generally be laid back and chill in the dressing department. However no matter how casual you look or how dressed down, you can always use accessories to give your outfit that added ' umph!' like the stylists in obodo oyinbo say. Lets have a look...

Her nail polish nawa! Never knew teal and gold nail color could be so good together. Infact its an accessory on its own and the rings are just so edgy and cool. She reminds of Rihanna. This is Damilola Oke by the way, a fashion stylist and contributor. She also has a fashion blog/website I always pick her brain about fashion and i cannot wait to work with her on my fashion accessories, very soon.

Interns at my office don't play around when it comes to their accessories . Aminat and Abiola are wearing statement neck pieces that just draws the eyes to their necks. Trust me they look better in real life, i already threatened to steal them.

As for me, nobody does casual like i do with my partner in crime, Dumininu at the office. I am also wearing two types of eye wear for our photo shoot. Something Borrowed and something mine. You tell me which goes better with the outfit....

Denim Rules! I am wearing an all denim outfit. Faded and stressed looking denim jacket with a black tank top, dark blue denim pants and studded ballet shoes. I accessorized with a silver neck piece and silver bracelet and in one picture geek glasses and in another dark round shades( Don't know what they call these shades, but they are in now). Dumininu is ' Ripping it up' with a ripped purple t-shirt and blue ripped,stressed jeans and studded black ballet flats as well. She accessorized with a chunky silver neck piece and a silver wrist watch, very rock and roll...

That's its folk for this post. Hope you enjoyed reading. I aim to please. Have a fab weekend ahead.

Live love and Laugh

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