Friday, August 2, 2013

Happy new Month People

How's it going folks?

The working week is over and here we are again on a friday. Its also a new month and it seems like this year has been running on steroids, at least for me. I have to be candid and say that 2013 has been quite a challenging year for me in  positive and negative ways but i am hopeful that ill have a reason to ' Boogie' before the year runs out. 2013 cannot come and go like that, haba! Ramadan is also slowly but surely rounding up and i am so grateful that i could see another holy month. May we all see many more to come,amin!

So in other news, y'all know that am going into the sales of accessory pieces very soon, its something have always wanted to do. Well its almost a reality because ill be going into partnership  with my Big Sister. She already sells in the UK and since its something i have dabbled in, in the past, she decided to bring me on board. She also took the initiative of opening a Facebook page for us ' The Accessories Lounge' and i hope one day, we become so big that we will have our own website and God willing our own stores both in the UK and Nigeria. If the Kardashian sisters can do business together, so can we. 

Well its the weekend and its time to be merry. Ramadan weekends are always tame for me and i rarely go out but i do have somethings to achieve on my to do list e.g laundry and cooking. Oh before i forget i finally got my first denim blouse! Whoop whoop! I do not know why it takes me so long to get anything on trend. Well i have never been a trend girl because not all, look good on me but i think ill rock this look just fine. Ill be sure to post pictures and you can decide if its a ' hit' or ' miss'.

Its casual friday at the office( i work in an ad agency,so everyday can be casual if you work in the creative team) and i really could not put in an effort. So i went back to the basics that never fail, Jeans and a T-shirt with beads and sequin detailing and black flats. Am sorry, was too lazy to go out side for full body shots...

I had to quickly take these pictures especially the one with the shoes, because i was in the office. As you can see, i spruced up my outfit with some pieces. My cute owl ring, black heart necklace, geek glasses and polka dot hair band just to add some whimsy to the whole look.

I want to start a segment apart from my 'Monday Musings'  called ' Fashion Wish list'. This will be about some fashion items that you would really love to have, or wear or look like or steal. Am still working out the mechanics in my head... Here is  one look, am trying to create one of this days, it just screams classsssss....

As we go forth into the weekend and have fun. Let's all say a prayer for Nigeria. This country surely needs some... I rest my case.

Live Love and Laugh

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