Monday, July 29, 2013

Monday Musings

Hi Guys

How was the weekend? Mine was OK, a mixture of activity and relaxation. Did i mention that a friend picked me as her ' maid of honor' or rather her ' best lady' as she calls it, just to annoy me. So on saturday i had ' maid of honor' duties. 

Isn't she she a sight for sore eyes. For those who do not know her, she is Jocelyn Dumas a Ghanian TV personality and she wore this beautiful dress to the launch of her new TV show 'At Home With Joselyn Dumas'. Look at the hips on her? As in, isn't this enough to just ' hate' her?Everything about this look is just perfection and i know some people might say she flashed too much cleavage but honey, this is cleavage worth showing.

On to my musing for today. Something occurred to me over the weekend while getting my nails done. It has been said that when it comes to the ' Beauty Industry' even though its a female domain, men that venture into the field do a much better job than their female colleagues. Now we all know, that i have some feminism in me but in this regard i can almost agree. One of the best haircuts i have ever had was done by a guy. My nails are done by Guys...

That's me getting my nails done over the weekend by a man, and he does a very good job i might add. It seems they take their time and maybe guys are more patient( which is just funny`)

Today is a typical monday for me and nothing to really go on about because am really ' trying to keep' a low profile during Ramadan. Here is my look for today..

Have a great week ahead people.

Live Love and Laugh

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