Monday, July 1, 2013

Monday Musings

Holla Peeps!

How was the weekend guys? It was a rainy rainy one but that didnt stop the fun for me. No siree! I had an absolute fantastic time. From drinks on friday with my girlfriends( Tola and Tracy) and a wedding on  a saturday, it was fun all the way.

Which brings me to the topic of today. The Nigerian youth and our love for life and fun and the fact that a revolution for change might not happen from my generation. The wedding on saturday was crazy fun. It was a wedding dominated by the youth and you can imagine how much fun it must have been? Even with the rain and the fact that ' Environmental sanitation exercise' was carried out and the reception started way behind schedule, it was still fun. Food and alcohol abounded and the band and DJ was off the chain,belting out hit after hit, both old and new. You know me, i am a regular 'Alajota' and Dunmininu my friend and colleague that i accompanied to the wedding isn't any better. We danced our hearts out and showed our color to the admiration of some and to the irritation of some i am sure. After a while, it wasn't a wedding party anymore but a regular club with both guys and girls ''dropping it like its hot' and i might have seen a girl or two ' twerking'( is that what its called?) anyway am sure you get the picture.

However, on Sunday,reality set it. How did that happen you might ask? I and my mum were watching CNN and we watched a story about the protest going on in Cairo, the capital of Egypt in Tahrir square. Thousands of people massed in the square and outside the presidential palace in the biggest demonstration there, since the 2011 revolution. The protesters were accusing the first Islamist president of failing to tackle economic and security problems since taking over power a year ago. Most of the protesters were the youth. Then i remembered the revelry of the day before and i felt a bit ashamed.A wedding is a joyous occasion and thus should be celebrated. However we Nigerian youth are known for our love of partying and vanity. We made a brilliant attempt in the ' Occupy Nigeria' protests but have we made any other significant moves to make our voices heard that will shake the nation and make our voices heard globally. As a Nigerian i have never felt anything but economic hardship. Even the basic necessities have been denied me. All the issues that were being listed in Egypt are the problems that Nigerians have been facing since i can remember, and its getting worse. Will we the Nigerian youth worry less about the 'Good Life' and  begin to think about our future because we will have to deal with the shit at the end of the day because WE are the future.

Anyway, enough about my depressing opinions and move to something that reeks of self absorption and brings a smile to my face... Fashion and pictures. I and Dumz were dressed to kill on saturday and i have some pictures to share with you ...

A Pout worthy of the camera. On the way to the wedding...
I and Dumz. Say cheese....

Looking childlike and Innocent( Not!)

Before i leave you, I have a pet peeve for today. Nigerians have started again with their overdoing things more than oyinbo people. Instagram!!! Everybody and their mothers want to be on instagram. Now its not whats your phone number, its are you on instagram? Let me add you so we can share pictures( rolling eyes).  I do not have any gadget with ' I' in front of it so abegg. We and our fads... Anyone remember Hi5?

Live, Love and Laugh...

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